Let’s Conversate

Take a moment, moment of your torment to talk about your problems,
problematic : your words aren’t realistic, Dust’em under the carpet
Probably ill, but not illmatic. Nah So, if you sick take ya medicine, go on homie, sleep in the attic,
Cuz Lines you sniffing s’pose to take you high through the roof
You laying on the ground there, shows they dormant
Spitting like you the shit, though you shootin blindly
Thinking your mouth’s running rounds of A.Ks & oozies
but words you say ain’t game play, eeee ey (EA) there, brother!
Not even close to war, u should Get back to your senses
I’ll gladly take you to VA if you think you’re some veteran.
Retire early, pack your whole broken artillery
Catch a breath of inspiration, We poets are militants,
Aim right words through your brains wisely; Headshots!
Intellect’s our call of duty…
When we pull the trigger.. we drop Thoughts

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I’m sorry…

But since our last summer breeze, wind and summer hold..

Since our last summer walk, gazing the waters and our summer scent..

Since our goodbyes and hellos more so mellow..

Nothing was awkward through our silence..

Nothing was nervous through the laughter..

I have to make you remember this night at the coffee table..

I have to make you remember one last time the night we spent in rest..

Before we part ways. Remeet either it’d be in the future. Or new life.

I’m taking you away tonight. You are coming with me. And you will be regretting that we haven’t done the deeds years ago.

I have to smell you. And make you regretting..

For the good of your mind..

I’m sorry…

But i have to make you remember me once last time….even if it takes forever to feel like the last.

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Force yourself to commit…

even if it bleeds. Force yourself to commit even if it curses.Force yourself to commit even if it hurts. Even if the devious cycle scratches. Proud scars in mistakes i achieved. I step out of reach, out of you with no care. Erase it all with no hurt, Blank sheets & No stares. Not repeating the disk. Im ready. Forget it all, curse it, fck it, ill just be moving it like music.

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And i came to realize…

Despite the fights and broken nights, you turn to right, flipped off your cap.

I thought highly of you. So high, i forgot to reach for myself. Lowering my thoughts cause you only wanna spite me. 

While I shield you from the judging. You unshield me, open.

What you think of now is only your own damn self, no care in what’s next or left of me.

You skipped in deep, you’d only challenge me to protect yourself, By any means, how rather selfish. 

To part ways with no say, and erase with no strings. So easily. Runaway again. You Disregard my feelings. Ego trip. Keep running. Let you live..you only wanna have it your way, As if i ever wanted to shackle you.

And leave while your mind’s at ease on my reassurance. Mine is wandering. you like that don’t you? how fitting.

Let my heart rage through this pen. As i severe the chains of what’s split of my care in your well being.

I came to realize You gots no respect for me.

As you wish. Through your silence. Ain’t no bittersweet end to it.

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A nice night to change the mind..

After these confusing events of these past weeks. It is pleasurable to enjoy time for yourself. So i celebrated with others. To get the mind off things..

Back to head to sleep… for a heavy day of work the next day..

I get to my door.. and surprise. No keys. Forgetting or losing something this important.. has never occured to me before. It must’ve been because of the rain of a few minutes. The stress. The thoughts. The “trying to understand” Or just My unusal coat. the festive… i didnt do too much.

Called a bunch, But they sleeping. Dont think anyone would go to that length to reach. So i’m sitting here outside writing this..

Oop…a car stopped.

He staying there for like 2min flashin his daym shitty lights on my face. Either he scared of a nigga at this time of night..2am aint that late.. get the fuck out. …

ah.. he left.

I guess i wont work tomorrow. Lost time. But meh. Who am i kidding. S’all good… i guess.

Life wanted to give me a tiny little more shit in the mist of confusion. Well i embrace it with a smile. :)

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