Did you ever notice..


The season changes and people be leaving you like leaves in the fallen weather

Days get colder, but warmer gets your heart as summer jumps like a spring on ‘em winter flakes.

You loose some, you gain some. 

No one to trust, no strings attached […]

*note to self, finish this draft*

@DimeFx | You are able (Original Full, w/ Lyrics)

[Verse 1]
Finally through all of this massive confusion, you find a reason to keep on living
You’re the only one i can truly believe in, can’t deny it
I can no longer hide it, I need to tell you what i’ve been feeling
With all my heart, No sense in lying
You are the truth, it’s next to you that i’ll forever be flying
And If you put yourself in a position hard to escape
Cape on, like when you saved me, hoping i’m never too late.
We make mistakes, Self-esteem sometimes is all we possess
Can’t let you fall oppressed, I’ll be your vest, coat of happiness 
It seems you got the whole world all over your shoulders.
Let me carry the weight, I’ll remain your supporter
Let’s grow together, lit up the shadows, let’s brave the weather
Have faith in me, wherever you’ll be, i’ll be there right here for ya 
Harness our strength to battle the stress, we’ll keep on fighting
And It’s a promise, Let me say it again: You are able

[Verse 2]
If there is no skies you believe you can reach & beyond, 
I’ll make sure you keep in mind you can, lift yourself, go on (spread your wings) 
You’ll soar between the clouds & earth, aim for the horizon
Like Migrating birds seasoning to find a better place
And if you needed, coast to coast, we could agree in.
Spicing it, Follow my lead, insecurities not eating you in
Food tastes like blessings, every region we go to, as juicy as your lips, 
Feeding on our desires. 
Let’s carry on, make the world yours,
Now thriving from confidence flowing through your mind, body & soul.
Take my hand. Make me better. I’ll make you stronger.
Your head is clear now & mine is filled with your presence. 
You made me who i am, caught me falling, eternally thankful
Scared out my doubts, shield me from depression, forever grateful 
Whenever you leave me, hope you don’t forget,
Please Do remember
my words echoing again & again: You are able. - nov. 2012 

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@DimeFx | I’ll do Fine [Prod. Right Beat Radio]

How could you do this to me
Thought we were homies, friends like kins, no lies & no gimmicks 
I had my trust in you, we were in peace
You decided to play your dice, Chance is; you lost my respect 
Trying to stab me with your games, it’s a shame 
Hoping I’d give way to the privacy of my emotions / without questions.
Weaknesses you used’ em well, 
Abusing people’s mental, 
You did it to all of your so called friends,
I shoulda forseen i’d be next on your list, 
Someday you’d try 
to bring me down to a detrimental state
Calling me back to enlace me with your schemes,
Telling me you gon’ stop acting like that
You switched on me. I failed to see. 
For all these years we’ve been peers. you’re sleazy. You changed quickly
Now You’re all alone and i’m on a mission to succeed 
beggin’ me to forgive you on a whim?
Go on man, leave… 

[Verse 2]
So why you acting surprised, now
We are no longer the same
We all change, we departed and Who’s to blame?
Still a kid at heart
Was i too naive from the start?
To let you into my life, save a place for you to play a part
Thinking the whole world was a kindergarden
Where i could live it up with my buddies, kick it in the sandbox
But Quicksand, you shook me
What was there to gain?
Some sort of jealousy so deep that got you conflicted?
All lies, fake ties, this whole time wasted
Don’t I Remember? Only follow my conscience
Trust in no man 
Must’ve lost my senses
Unfortunate sometimes i walk around blindfolded, 
Can’t stay mad at you, it’s all good
It’s complicated to think what we lived was unreal
A Perpertration of YOU faking a life
Hoping you rectify
But In the meantime…Though
Well… I’ll do fine

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There’s a difference ..

between who we love, who we settle for, and who we’re meant for. Never Settle for less. For what you already know. Strive for change and risk it all, turn over a new leaf, a new flame.

Even when the road seems like a circle or confusing. The journey will be all worth it. Everything worth risking, with time, connects the pieces in place.

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No matter how much good you do

How honest you be, modest or respectful of your virtues, there will always be 
Someone to hurt you, use you, more likely to abuse you. 
Cause in this world, in its globality; people are tainted by the power & evil of the money. 
We are all on a journey. We must be prepared. Truth is; Life isn’t fair. 
There ain’t a soul that can survive the struggles if they can’t keep in mind there can’t be good without evil. 
That’s why Karma is a bitch. 
That’s why we must set things straight. 

Understand that some of us don’t care. We do bad things because we are scared. 
Balance it out with the nice gestures, cause we don’t want the consequences. 
So we are content with appearances, 
We stay hypocrites, still we share, we give chances. 

To survive, we must be aware, we are either wolves or sheeps.
There’re also these fiends lurking in the shadows or hiding under their sheets. 
Priests, believers, saints and sinners; 
We are all mixed with the blood, we shed tears, even bleed our brothers and sisters. 
We take and we give. We give birth and we kill.
I’m tired of playing this game.
I sometimes win, then sometimes i’m losing. 

Why’d you think women love men who can protect our children, can put up a fight.
Like men love a women motherly strong to raise them right. 
We can’t be equals, we all different. 
We ignore we are born individuals in society’s influence. 
Different sex. Different mind. We all have Ego, determination.
Different vibe, motivation. Quest to our own enlightment. 
We want to be strong, with weak investments.

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Right by the numbers.

They are recollected.

Printed in your mind. It is as if time had placed a clock in your head.

Ticking & ticking in the sides of your brain.

The numbers. close to you.


Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchucks like a boss

this is that shit you reblog every single time you see it on your dash. this man is a beast.


Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchucks like a boss

this is that shit you reblog every single time you see it on your dash. this man is a beast.

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