A little something i wrote just yesterday...


No matter how much good you do
How honest you be, modest or respectful of your virtues, there will always be
Someone to hurt you, use you, more likely to abuse you.
Cause in this world, in its globality; people are tainted by the power & evil of the money.
We are all on a journey. We must…

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The Relic

The Past is a Relic

That you dig for or that you inherite

you can either learn from it or keep it in your closet

It’s a fascinating artifact

You can remove the dust and see its beauty.

Cause of what it holds in history

makes it so much more valuable.

They say forget about it, it’s the past 

It should just be buried and left there 

But we carry it til it lasts.

So we can understand it

Learn from it, and be amazed at what it become.


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The Desire…

The Desire of being deeply missed by someone you long for.

The Desire of being awaited when you’re gone for only days or weeks.

The Desire of having someone text you when you landed on their mind for a mere second.

The Desire of touch, ah the good feeling of the skin.

The Desire to remain a spark in a life.

The Desire to leave a mark on their days.

Your Desires…. Are my Desires. 

Don’t let them astray.


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